Ocster 1-Click Backup

Ocster 1-Click Backup 1.09

1-click Windows backup


  • Very simple
  • No complicated options
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Easy restore options


  • Very basic
  • Rescue disc requires separate download


Ocster 1-Click Backup is an app that makes backing up your Windows PC into one of the easiest jobs you can imagine.

We all know that we should back up our computers in case the worse happens, but how many of us actually do it? Some people are put off by the fact that backing up seems time-consuming and boring, or difficult and complicated. With Ocster 1-Click Backup, it's neither!

Ocster 1-Click Backup is pretty simple, so more advanced users, or those who like more control, probably won't be too impressed. If you want to keep things simple, though, it's perfect. All you have to do to use is it specify what, where and when you want to back up - there are no extra windows or wizards, just select from the options you are presented with when you click on each section.

One of the nice features of Ocster 1-Click Backup is this centralized simplicity. All the actions you need to carry out as the user take place in the main interface, and that's also where the system status and backup logs are displayed. There's no need to go searching for the information you need - Ocster 1-Click Backup presents it all there by default.

Ocster 1-Click Backup doesn't complicate things with extra settings options either - in fact, all you can change is the interface language. Restoring your computer from a backup is also very simple, although we were disappointed to learn that burning a rescue disk needs a separate download.

Ocster 1-Click Backup is one of the simplest backup apps we've seen, but it does the job very well.

Ocster 1-Click Backup


Ocster 1-Click Backup 1.09

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